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The Complete Image List: How To Make Your Online Course Look Great!

Do you have a favourite online course? With the prolific boom of online courses, everyone is considering selling a course. But first, why join the bandwagon? An online course is a great way to solidify credibility and show your … Read More

Plan For Success With Your Photoshoot Consultation

A photoshoot consultation is the most essential part when working with a photographer. If you envision excellent results, a little time spent preparing will pay off! This session gives your photographer a chance to get to know you and … Read More

Set Yourself Up for Success – Photo and Video Marketing

Video marketing questions: Have you identified your target niche? Is your customer’s buying funnel clear and established? Did you set the right visual content to portray your message at each stage of the funnel? If you answered yes to … Read More

3 Easy Ways to Define Your Target Audience Specifically for Your Next Photo or Video Project

How do you define target audience in a video marketing campaign? This is one of the few things that can be overwhelming at the beginning. But a sound video marketing solution can make all the difference. Sometimes months can … Read More

Content Creation in Desperate Times: 5 Places to Look for Brand Stories

Is content creation a problem in your business? The way we see it, running out of content is a symptom of lack of preparation and planning. Even if content creation is your priority, it’s the first thing that goes … Read More

Business Headshots – Winning Guide from Start to Finish

Business headshots are essential in business. But just how valuable are they? These questions are often asked:  Are you trying to establish a credible business presence? But you find that DIY Selfies is not going to cut it in … Read More

Inspiration By Donna

How do I find inspiration?

As a photographer, I don’t have the luxury to wait until an inspiration hits me. I always seek out ways to inspire myself so that my work doesn’t go cold. Although most of the time … Read More

Checklist Before You Even Think About Video

A video might look easy to create. You might think you only need a phone call, an email, or a text message to request a video production. In reality, it takes numerous steps from beginning to completion. These pre-production preparations … Read More

Event Photography with Silvana Metallo

Some of you may not know that Donna Santos isn’t our only photographer here at the studio. Talented and a storyteller herself, Silvana Metallo is our associate photographer who does a majority of our corporate event photography. She was specifically selected … Read More

Donna Santos Studio is now WBE Canada Certified

We are proud to announce that Donna Santos Studio is now WBE Canada Certified! This new certification means that corporations (such as large food manufacturers like Kelloggs and major financial institutions across Canada and the United States such as BMO) who … Read More