The Complete Image List: How To Make Your Online Course Look Great!

online course for content creation

Do you have a favourite online course? With the prolific boom of online courses, everyone is considering selling a course. But first, why join the bandwagon? An online course is a great way to solidify credibility and show your expertise.

It is also one of the many ways a business can earn passive income. If done right, your course will need minimal management.

With the rise of online course platforms, it’s easier more than ever to pursue this endeavour.

Here’s a list of some of the best online course and learning platforms:

Before you start developing a course, be aware that an online course is top-heavy. This means you have to develop a lot of materials before you can begin to sell your course online. Including a considerable amount of photo and video assets. These will help you promote and sustain your course.

It may seem daunting, but this list of assets will help you know where to start.

Lead Magnet

To attract potential clients, you have to give them a taste of what to expect in your course. Support your credibility by demonstrating that area of your expertise. A lead magnet is a teaser in the form of a PDF. It can either be a checklist, step by step process, or a top X lists. Use them to give information to potential course buyers in exchange for their emails. Consider this as a small product that you have to provide for free to promote the course. So make this an irresistible offer.

  1. Video Ad – 1 to 2 minutes with thumbnail photo
  2. Cover Photo for PDF or Ebook or other giveaways
  3. Photo Assets relevant to your topic
  4. Welcome Page or walkthrough page video
  5. 3-5 Email Funnel Photos
Landing Page

A landing page is where you will house all the pertinent information about your course. It is different from a website in a way that the only focus of the landing page is to sell this one course. A critical way of building this is through photos and videos that have a strong call to action. Your visuals should connect with the audience at once. Remember to keep your branded photos and videos cohesive with the rest of the course content.

  1. Landing Page Hero Photo
  2. Landing Page Content Photos (e.i., step by step, Problem photo, Solution Photo, Benefits Photo)
  3. Bio Headshots
  4. Testimonial Headshots
Online Course

You shouldn’t skimp on the delivery of the bulk of your content. Happy clients will reward your content with testimonials and referrals. Good word-of-mouth promotes your online course further.

  1. Main Course Hero Photo
  2. Sub Course Hero Photo
  3. Segmented Video Courses
  4. Thumbnail for each of the Segment


To build up momentum in promoting your course, you must have an arsenal of social media content. Keep a bank of consistent and on-brand content ready to deploy. Having at least 60 days of content will be an excellent place to start.

  1. 60 Days of Social Media Content Photo Assets
  2. 8 x 30-second videos, 1 x week for two months

Have you started your course content outline? Don’t know where to begin with your course photo and videos? Give us a call. We’d be happy to assist you.