Event Photography with Silvana Metallo

Some of you may not know that Donna Santos isn’t our only photographer here at the studio. Talented and a storyteller herself, Silvana Metallo is our associate photographer who does a majority of our corporate event photography. She was specifically selected to join our team based on her creativity and professionalism, which is in line with our studio values.

Silvana studied photography at Ryerson University here in Toronto. Her past experience includes shooting assignments in the fashion industry, participating in art shows and she’s even won some awards!

Photo of Silvana-Metallo-Associate-Photographer

Here’s a shot of Silvana which was done in our studio.

She does a great job of capturing the feeling and message of any size corporate event she is covering. In the photos below, from Incentive Works’ annual trade show, you can see that Silvana is able to capture all the various activities that happened simultaneously in different locations. She didn’t miss a single key moment of the event. Many hours in Silvana was still able to produce fresh and compelling images.

Event trade show photography

Great shot of the trade show participants making their way to the show.

Silvana is able to capture these fantastic moments because she anticipates when the next best shot is going to present itself. It takes a special skill to do this as the participants’ own reactions, and the situations that arise, aren’t always obvious in the event’s itinerary.

At some corporate events, we are asked to photograph delegates. Timing can be tricky, when you have all the important people in the room at the same time, and they only have a few minutes to spare but Silvana’s always able get that perfect shot!

Event trade show conference photography

Group shot by Silvana.

Here’s what Stephanie Chiang, Event Manager at Annex Business Media had to say about working with Silvana: “Working with Silvana is like working with a CEO-whisperer! She is able to quietly and competently command a room full of executives and extract a compelling photo that tells the story of our event in one moment. I was impressed with how comfortable everyone in the room was with Silvana as she moved with speed and grace to complete our shot list in a few short hours. Her patience never wavered and she problem solved difficult lighting and staging issues with ease. I would recommend Silvana for any and all event photography projects.”

live event photographer

Shot of a key note speaker engaging the crowd.

I asked Silvana what it is she likes about event photography. She said, “I like that with every event I get to explore new environments and different personalities. I am quick to make positive connections with clients and guests. I love working the room and capturing clients at their best. What can I say, I’m a social butterfly!”.

I also asked her what she looks for when shooting events. To which she responded, “I look for positive interactions and uplifting expressions. I look for details and unique perspectives. I try to get a great deal of variety. Showing room layout, lighting, candids and groupings as well.”

corporate events photography

Lovely candid shot of a participant at a corporate event.

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Stay tuned for Silvana’s photo gallery coming soon!