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7 Ways to Turn Your Photo Shoot into Digital Content Gold

This year 70% of marketers plan on increasing their use of original visual content. Turning your professional photo shoot into digital content is a great opportunity to share your experience with your networks on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, … Read More

Event Photography with Silvana Metallo

Some of you may not know that Donna Santos isn’t our only photographer here at the studio. Talented and a storyteller herself, Silvana Metallo is our associate photographer who does a majority of our corporate event photography. She was specifically selected … Read More

How to Update your Website with Professional Photos

The weather is finally warmer, the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. It’s a time of new beginnings and a perfect time to update your website visuals. Bring a fresh look to your website while portraying your brand message.

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Leveraging Your Professional Photos in Different Ways

It’s always nice to get the most out of the professional photos you have done. No, I’m not talking about using your wedding photo as your Linkedin profile. (You know who you are and it’s time for you to visit … Read More

Tips on content creation for your business

Kathy Hogeveen, president of Touch Marketing stopped by our Studio recently. Touch Marketing offers various services such as Training Courses, Website Design, Social Media Branding, Web Design, SEO Optimization and Content Provisioning.

Kathy specializes in offering web presence consulting to business … Read More

Donna Santos Studio is now WBE Canada Certified

We are proud to announce that Donna Santos Studio is now WBE Canada Certified! This new certification means that corporations (such as large food manufacturers like Kelloggs and major financial institutions across Canada and the United States such as BMO) who … Read More

Navigating Linkedin, a good headshot is just the beginning.

Linkedin is different than other social media sites. Since creating a Linkedin profile page can be a little bit intimidating, I turned to Waylon McGill, Account Executive at Linkedin for some information and tips on how to make the most … Read More

Storytelling with a great event photographer

After all the energy spent planning your event, it’s important to make sure you hire a great event photographer to capture all the great moments that you worked so hard on creating. Anyone can come to your event and just … Read More

Product catalogues & the importance of great imagery

For this post I spoke to Creative Brand Marketing expert Sandra Gayle. She’s done it all! She’s put together 500 page product catalogues for top selling national chains as well as designed and staged beautiful promotional images showcasing various products … Read More

Interior photography – Is your office camera ready?

It’s all booked. The photographer and her crew are coming! You are finally going to get interior photography shots of your office done. The ones that will make everyone want to work with or for you. Google will have nothing … Read More