7 Ways to Turn Your Photo Shoot into Digital Content Gold

This year 70% of marketers plan on increasing their use of original visual content. Turning your professional photo shoot into digital content is a great opportunity to share your experience with your networks on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. As you already know, content with photos is more likely to create engagement within your network (tweets with images receive 18% more clicks).

Since a photo shoot is something that doesn’t happen everyday, it’s naturally an interesting business activity, and it renders itself to many different stories or angles.

Providing your online community with original visual content, sprinkled with a well-crafted storyline or status update, is a great way to get them engaged. They will be able to experience what it’s like behind the scenes and will feel like a company insider.

Here are different ways of creating digital content by capturing various stages of a photo shoot. The purpose is to create interest and get people to express their support for you. Who knows, they may be thinking of going through the same process as you are. These examples below can be applied to any industry by varying the language.

Social Media Digital Content Photography

Examples of social media posts you can create in anticipation of your photo shoot.


1. ANTICIPATION – You can create anticipation for your upcoming photo shoot by posting a screen grab of your current website. See above photo to get ideas of what type of text you can post along with the screen grab.

2. GET PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE – One of the best ways to get people to participate is by tagging someone in your post or by asking your audience questions. See below examples to see what we mean.

twitter photo example

Example of a how to get people to participate via social media.

Pinterest board digital media

Example of how to use a Pinterest board as digital content.

digital media audience

Asking for opinions on social media is a great way to interact with your audience.

3. START SENDING GRATITUDE EARLY – You can do this by using a photo of the venue. See below photo for Twitter post examples. It’s always best to tag the venue in the post as they will mostly likely retweet or favourite your tweet exposing you to their network.

digital content example

Examples of how to send gratitude on social media.

4. BUILD UP TO THE MOMENT – Using behind the scenes photos from the day is a great way to get your audience engaged. Below are some examples on what to post about.

Twitter #digital content

Behind the scenes photos used in a twitter post.

Corporate office photography

Photos that give your audience a sneak peek are always fun.

5. CREATE A FULL STORY IN ONE FRAME – There are a number of photo collage applications such muzy that can help you easily create collages (like the ones below) fast.

Donna Santos in action

Action shots!

Photo shoot social media post

This frame tell the story of the fun day.

Models extras photography

Feature the models that helped out during the shoot.

6. SHOOT VIDEO FOOTAGE – Have one of your team members shoot a video on their smart phone while your team is getting their photos taken. You can then edit snippets together to create a highlight video using apps like the ones listed here. Better yet, if you are getting videography done that day, have a video taken out of your outtakes or fun behind the scenes moments. You can create a fun behind the scenes video like this one.

7. SHARE YOUR FAVOURITE MOMENTS – Just because the shoot is over doesn’t mean you can’t post about how much fun you had. A great idea is to hold on to some great photos and use them as a #TBT post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Share content photographer

Share all the fun you had with your audience even after the shoot is done.

These are just 7 ideas of what can be done. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Click here to schedule a shoot with us today!