3 Photo Problems Solved

Most of our clients come to us because they know how important a great first impression is. They really care about their brand and want to make sure they portray the right message.

Many of them have the one of the following problems and come to us for help solving them.

1. No photos:

Sometimes our clients are launching a new website and need photos. Or they need a professional photo for their social media profiles. This is always fun as we can start with a clean slate!

Professional Linkedin Photo

Leaving your profile photo blank is a missed opportunity to show people your personal brand.

We usually begin the process by talking to our clients about the image they’d like to portray. We help them to make sure it’s consistent with their brand. From there we start the creative process. Click here to see examples of the headshots we’ve taken in the past. The finished results are always amazing!

2. Replacing Stock Images

We’re not fans of stock images. So we are always happy when a client comes to us looking to replace their stock images with custom ones.

Here’s how we helped Toronto Bodyworks make the switch.

Stock photos to custom ones

Old website featuring stock photos.

The original website featured images that were generic (see above photo). We made their downtown clinic and studios the main focus of the site. The new photos showcase their airy space in an inviting way, allowing potential clients to spend some time browsing on the site.

Custom website photography.

New photos showcasing the great space and the people who run the studio.

3. New photos

Another reason our clients come to us for help is because they want new photos. They’re usually updating their website or are launching a new product. In the case of our client Ebby Rane, they needed new product shots of their new collection.

Consistency is key in these situations. Websites and marketing materials need to have the same look and tell the same story. This can be done by using the same photo set up and colours. In this case, we kept the same white background set up that was already present on their site.


Here’s a shot we did for Ebby Rane. This new photo fits in beautifully with the rest of their website.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into what we’ve been up to. If you’d like our help revamping your visual imagery reach out to us here.