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Why is Aspiration Powerful?

To move your brand to the aspirational category, it requires a shift in thinking and most likely a change in the visual presentation of the company. It takes knowing your customers and having done your persona work.

But why … Read More

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me Your Story

Clients and customers only see a small part of your business. They enjoy the result of what happens behind the scenes: the people, processes, and details that work together to create the product or service that you provide.

Most … Read More

Choose Your Best Company Spokesperson by Understanding 2 Personality Traits

Funding has come through for your corporate videos. (yay!!) You can now shoot several episodes showcasing your company, products and services.

Everything is coming together. You’ve got your:

  • Budget per episode
  • Clear objective per episode with compelling … Read More

Want Brilliant Corporate Photography? Learn How to Brief Your Photographer

In all my years of specializing in corporate photography, there is one thing that consistently happens and drives marketing directors crazy. It is the disconnect between the marketer and their creative team.

Despite best efforts, it is like these two … Read More

Why Hire a Professional Corporate Photographer?

Your executive team is running late. The 90 minute photo shoot originally scheduled now needs to be completed in 10 minutes!

The boardroom was all set up for this important shoot and now it won’t be used. Instead the … Read More

Business Head Shots: Time to Try an Executive Portrait?

If you’ve been considering having new business head shots taken, due to a change of job or  because it has been years since your last photo shoot, your corporate photographer may ask if you’re interested in … Read More

How to Create Captivating Corporate Videos

Your favourite flavour of ice cream is vanilla. Your closet is filled with an assortment of the same outfits, and you take the same route to work every day. Put simply, risk is not in … Read More

Summertime Product Launch – What You Need to Know

You may be thinking about the product launch that you have scheduled for the summer. It may feel like such a long way off. As distant as it seems, summer will be here before you know it. Start planning … Read More

When Should I Update My Business Headshot?

As a business professional, having an up-to-date headshot is a necessity. As we’ve discussed before, there are valid reasons to make sure that your business headshot reflects the image you wish to portray.

Most image experts recommend having your … Read More

Why You Want Fabulous Corporate Photography

Fabulous, you say? Too strong?

Here’s my point, your corporate photos are saying a lot about you. You may not even realize it, but long before a potential client picks up the phone to call you or sends an email, … Read More