Why is Aspiration Powerful?

To move your brand to the aspirational category, it requires a shift in thinking and most likely a change in the visual presentation of the company. It takes knowing your customers and having done your persona work.

But why bother?

Aspiration, a strong desire to achieve something great, is the fuel that makes those dreams possible.

When you make the emotional connection with your audience, it is that bond that will start to create loyalty no discount can compete with.

This is true of consumer goods, B2B components, services and even in the competition for talent between yours and a similar company. Why work here instead of there? Why drink this soda instead of that one? This is the age-old power that branding has over us. But it isn’t just for the Coca-colas of the world.

Local corporations, manufacturers, law firms and healthcare companies can all do this. It is within your reach. It requires new thinking and the guts to create the feeling and desire for a customer or client to want to do business with your company because of how your products or services make them feel.

How can your images reflect the aspirations of others?

Instead of focusing on the product, or the immediate outcome, focus on how the result can impact the user’s life, and how it fits in with their personal aspirations – who they want to be. Allow your customers to visualize the positive impact of your product or service on their life.

To demonstrate the aspirational attitude of your company, work with a professional to create images that allow your audience to mentally insert themselves into your story  Use images that are creative, beautiful, emotional and original.

Use actual customers. Professional models and actors have their place in photos, but for aspirational images, real customers are more effective. Showing how real people, of all shapes, sizes and colors, have realized their dreams as a result of using your product. This allows everyone to imagine their own success.

Visual storytelling for corporations

Will they be better versions of themselves after using your product? Will they be admired by their friends, colleagues and social circle? Will they believe they made the right choice and stay emotionally connected to your brand. Most companies have this desire.

Even more companies have the right story, they’re just not sure how to turn the words into images to resonate with more people. Let us help you do that part.

Does your brand need to move from ‘inspirational’ to ‘aspirational’? The corporate photographers at The Donna Santos Studio are story-telling experts. Let us show you how we can help create visual conversations with your audience. Contact us today for a corporate photography consultation.