Back To Basics: Why Your Business Needs A Professional Visual Campaign To Succeed

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Visual Campaign

Your Brand’s Visual Campaign

Visual campaigns help you in more ways than you think. Marketing is such a nightmare field that is notoriously known for sometimes running faster than its shadow. As a business owner or head of marketing of your organization, it can be overwhelming staying up-to-speed with the latest purported marketing techniques, even for traditional media. And when it turns to the unruly, breakneck speed online media, your marketing campaign can get stuck in deciding exactly what suits your business’ interest best as most of the techniques are new and untested.

It is however worth noting that as the Head of Marketing or as an owner of a small business, despite the fact that being relevant to the trends is important for your business to survive and thrive in a competitive world, when it comes to a marketing campaign, it’s what produces the best possible results that matter more than what’s hip and new. And often in the pursuit of the newest and freshest techniques, many marketing executives get lost in the clutter and lose sense of what matters most which is a result-producing campaign, of which the most effective are often ones that have been tried and tested and have consistently produced desired results over time.

One of such trusted result-oriented marketing tools is the visual campaign, i.e. your Photo and Video marketing campaign. And in this piece we will outline why a professionally anchored Visual Marketing campaign is what your business needs to turn to rather than chase shadows with unproven, new marketing channels. Some of the key reasons your business needs to return to the root of all online marketing campaign include:

Seeing Is Believing

A professional visual campaign can meet that goal.

Consider this: words are like a rumor to the customer. Something that might be true and something that might turn out to be completely false. And as such they do not attach much weight to it or take any serious step until that rumor turns to a fact. And by innate human behavior we tend to only believe what we see and only act when our eyes bear witness.

Turn your stellar products and services into a fact. Run a professional video and photo rich marketing campaign. It will kill doubts that might be lingering in the mind of your next customer.

Like And Share

The best online marketing campaigns are those that spread like wildfire over the net. These are things that go viral in the shortest possible period of time. Clinching a viral campaign is a daunting task to achieve.

You will need a diverse range of people even if they aren’t your target demographic to like your content. This is one way for them to become your brand’s unpaid campaigners.

A high quality video is the most effective tool to achieve virality. People love short clips. It’s easy to watch between breaks. Anything that resonates is most likely shared to friends or followers. Make them stop and consider your video. Make them talk about it. This is what you need.

A well-done video campaign content provides a greater chance to create unique content. It can go viral.

An estimate that high quality visual campaigns can achieve as much as 94 percent of being shared voluntarily by followers. This is more than any other form of marketing content.

Video Blog from Donna Santos on Vimeo.

Content Remains King

It is impossible to ignore great content in any successful online marketing efforts. You can make your content King. Start with a competent visual campaign. This is key for you to access this “kingdom.”

Leverage with a photo content provider. Unique content can keep your target audience entertained and engaged. Smart customers would know how to spot a quality content too. So make sure to align it with a unique marketing angle and it will resonate.

Photos are one way to capture your audience’s interest. Take it a notch higher and provide unique and optimized content. And they wouldn’t be able to get enough of what you provide. Sometimes, it’s the simple tricks that yield the best results.

Actionable Items:

For you major campaigns that you have aligned for this year. Check to see if they have attributes of the basic principles listed on this article.

  • Seeing is Believing. Does your campaign illustrate the benefit of your product or services
  • Like and Share. What does your viewer see to compel them to share the video on your behalf?
  • Content Remains King. Will your audience want to see more from you?

Bonus Visuals Are A Unique SEO Tool

Let’s take a step back from well-orchestrated visual campaigns for a moment. And take a look at another important benefit of a professional video or photo content. Did you know this can be your backdoor to premium search engine rankings? Rather than focus on breaking into a very congested written content field. It’s much easier for great images to get found on the web. These can place your company’s site and content feed on the global map when used wisely.

To conclude our piece, the reason why it is re-emphasized time and again about running a “professionally” run visual marketing campaign, is because a professional is the one who will put a whole thought process and optimize your delivery in a way that will guarantee favorable results. You might think “why not go with my gut” and take care of this myself?

Well. As a business person or a head of marketing, it is the results that will matter, and going with the gut and not hard cold facts and years of fine-tuned research could easily backfire on rather than help the marketing endeavor of your company or business.

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