Video Marketing Trends to Try in 2018

Video Marketing Trends to Try in 2018

2018’s Video Marketing Trends

This year’s video marketing trends is not for the faint-hearted. But the reward is within reach for those willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new tactics.

We all know competition in any industry can be brutal. And when you take your eyes off the ball, you risk losing. So staying ahead of the marketing game may mean your business use tricks to your advantage.

Marketing in 2017 has gone far beyond the use of traditional media. We refine digital marketing techniques every second to get more from our advertising dollars. To hook the target audience for as long as we can, marketing still remains a visual effort to be effective.

To reignite this visual experience, we use fresh techniques – all focused on our customers. We ensure they get to experience our business in the best possible light by giving them the most value for their time and money. But businesses have started to turn to cutting-edge video marketing techniques. They now see the value it brings with cost and the return-of-investment.

Some of the great video marketing trends that are hot in 2018 include:

360 Videos

Your company’s success depends on how well you tell your brand’s story. Your story’s aim is to capture your audience’s imagination or evoke a feeling. As marketing starts to use more sophisticated means, such as 360 videos – it gets easier. It only takes a flick of a button.

Top businesses move beyond the usual fare on radio or TV advertisements. It’s all about making customers feel. Businesses can now take the lead and evoke an emotion out of the their audience. And their medium of delivery matters too.

With 360 videos, customers immerse themselves in that brand’s “world.” Customers can now click in any direction and react. They can see even further than from listening or watching. Watching and listening to a music video gets more interesting. With a 360 view, you get front row seat to the singer’s “stage” and see, feel, and hear the emotion.

Samsung, one of the biggest tech industry manufacturer, keeps a steady supply VR headsets. This supply increases the scope of the technology. We can soon tap into this tech idea and use it in sectors we haven’t even dreamed about. For now, the growth of delving deeper into customer’s psyche with this technology is exponential.

Virtual Reality for Training

A company’s marketability depends on its advertising channels. But it also depends on the quality of service its customers experience. The buying experience is a journey and how this journey goes depends on the organisation. A smart company knows great customer service is a form of marketing in itself. It manifests in rave reviews and referrals from your satisfied customers. And this responsibility often rests on your employee’s shoulder.

Leverage the power of virtual reality. To train their employees with real-life situations, Wal-Mart used virtual reality technology. It helps optimize their customer-service responses. As well as help them prepare for holiday rush situation or clean up an aisle mess.

A VR training will equip to be model ambassadors and perfect service providers. It’s easy, cost-effective, and time-saving way to gauge new employee’s performance before they start field work.

Shoppable Videos

It’s a fact: engaging videos captivates. As a result, businesses are on a hunt for new ideas to keep internet users on their page and consuming their video content. One of those latest trends is the use of shoppable videos. It may look like any normal video. The only difference is they contain links to items:

  • Furniture in the setting
  • Clothing that worn by the actors in the clip
  • Products around the actors

Shoppable videos transitions the audience from watching to shopping. The actual number of sales that result from this new video marketing campaign is yet to be clear. So far, this type of videos often get views in the hundreds of thousands, with a lot of positive comments.

Live Video Streaming

Live Streaming is now available for use in almost every social media platform, and this is for good reason. Businesses now understand the value of providing an engaging video content for their users. Live streaming is one of the most effective of those video marketing campaigns. People love to be in the loop of an exclusive happening where they have special access. Businesses use live streaming to showcase upcoming products. They also offer their users behind the scene access. Customers love to see the “human” side of business. Live streaming is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Influencer Marketing

This is the year for social media influencers or the rise of the accounts. Companies now recognize the power of an influencer’s post in bringing in business. And even breaking it with a bad product review.

This is why businesses now curry favor to collaborate with them. Chose the right influencer that fits your brand values. Although the number of their followers matter, it’s also a matter if it’s a good fit with their follower base. Integrate your marketing strategies with different kinds of mega, macro, or micro-influencers. Tapping into these various sectors can improve your market reach.

Taken at VRARA Toronto Meetup

Augmented Reality Remains on Top

As a habit, we humans often only believe what we see. Businesses often have to convince their potential customers the value their products or service will bring. Convincing the potential customer by word mouth is possible. Although it might consume a lot of time and need much more effort. Showing them instead of telling them is an effective means of driving home the point.

Augmented Reality allows the user to enhance their present physical environment. It adds new optics they can interact with. Businesses and companies are now taking advantage of this new technology to show and tell customers. If you are in a business of selling furniture, AR would show how the new couch would look like in living room. Augmented reality is key to the future of any video marketing businesses take.

Businesses with the vision of becoming household names need every help they can get to make their visions a reality. Among all the weapons from a marketing arsenal, none is more result-yielding than video marketing. Hence, any business that wants to make it needs to embrace these video marketing strategies. These tools will keep you relevant in your niche.

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