Show Me, Don’t Tell Me Your Story

Clients and customers only see a small part of your business. They enjoy the result of what happens behind the scenes: the people, processes, and details that work together to create the product or service that you provide.

Most companies reinforce this, inadvertently, by focusing on the results of their efforts in their advertising and marketing campaigns. This misses the opportunity to capture and show the essence of what makes their company unique.

The Strength of Your Story

In today’s ultra-connected society, your customers are clamoring for authenticity. A recent study by Label Insight revealed some telling details about how consumers interact with brands, and what they look for in the companies they buy from.

According to the study, today’s consumers want to know everything about a brand and the company: where the raw materials came from, the people behind the scenes, the personality of the company, if you will.

In fact, 56% of people surveyed responded that being given additional product information (think “behind the scenes” or “how it’s made”) inspires more trust in a brand. An astonishing 73% of respondents are willing to pay more for products if the company promises transparency.

How can you establish the transparency that consumers wish for? How can you show the essence of your company particularly if you deliver a service? Is it possible to differentiate yourself from other companies through authenticity?  Absolutely – through visuals: think photo and video.

Visuals Tell the Story

According to scientists, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. You know this to be true. This same fact applies to a service company – lawyers, eye doctors, researchers – as it does to a products company, even a “boring products” company like mining equipment or components used inside of other machines.

Using a corporate photographer to capture customized photos and video allows you to tell YOUR story and show your customers exactly what they’re looking for: authenticity and transparency.

Emotional Connection

Finding ways to showcase the ‘behind the scenes’ work of your company helps to educate clients about the work that goes into their final product or service.

They can see the different stages of development, and get a first-hand look at the processes involved to meet their needs.

More often than not, they are surprised by either the attention to detail, number of steps or experts needed to produce their final product or service.

This gives your customers a whole new appreciation for your process and an understanding of the care and craft involved in your work.

This level of transparency helps clients feel as though they ‘know’ your brand, feel a part of it and even feel good about certain members of your staff looking after them.

It’s this kind of connection that gives you an edge over your competitors no price drop or sale can compete with.

Ready to connect with your customers and show them what makes your company different, better or unique? Contact The Donna Santos Studios today to schedule your corporate photography consultation and explore our industry processes service which will get you all the behind-the-scenes coverage to share your expertise with your clients.