How to Create Captivating Corporate Videos


Your favourite flavour of ice cream is vanilla. Your closet is filled with an assortment of the same outfits, and you take the same route to work every day. Put simply, risk is not in your vocabulary. How can you create an exciting corporate video campaign for your company, when you aren’t a big risk taker in general? It may not be as hard as you think.

Find Inspiration

Having trouble coming up with a creative idea? Surround yourself with creativity. Wander through a museum, people watch at your local mall or spend time with inspirational people. Changing your surroundings can help to springboard creative thoughts and may help you come up with just the right angle.

This may sound too simple, but I’ll say it anyway…watch other corporate videos. Get a feel for what you like and do not like about what other companies have done. Crafting these opinions will be helpful when you brief your corporate video vendor on your requirements


Marketing Messaging

You don’t have to start from scratch. Refer to your company’s corporate or marketing messaging document. This document often includes buyer personas and value propositions which can work as an ideal framework as you think about your corporate video. Who does it need to appeal to? What does it need to say? Who are you trying to reach/convince/educate with the video?

Use Your Budget as a Tool

It is easy to convince yourself that a bigger budget, a more impressive gadget collection or a better-equipped production department would allow you to be more creative and would enable you to create a compelling, exciting corporate video. However, even big budget films flop and YouTube is full of failed corporate videos shot on someone’s cell phone. Instead of thinking of your budget as a limitation, use it as a reason to harness your creativity.

Tell Stories

A successful corporate video is one that captures the viewer’s imagination by humanizing a story and telling it in a captivating manner. If you want to create an exciting corporate video, find a story to tell. Script a story that follows a potential customer through the buyer’s journey. Detail a day in the life of one of your executives. Whatever your message be more human. By that I mean the more you can tell the story of the people who are your customers, your employees, your leadership team, the more your video will connect with your viewers.


Take Risks

People hesitate to take risks because they’re, well, risky. You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s where the creativity lives. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be open. A professional corporate video vendor will recommend some ideas that may feel a bit out there for you. Consider all ideas.

Add Elements of Surprise

Every successful story has an ‘A-ha!’ moment. The extra element of surprise is what creates a connection with the viewer, causing them to watch, share and talk about your video. Conduct your video interview in an unusual place, have a twist ending, use witty dialogue. Look for ways to generate excitement in every type of video you need. Above all, make sure it is on brand for your company.


Use Professionals

Your video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood blockbuster to be a quality production and achieve the goals it was created for. Professional corporate videographers will not only produce a high-quality video, they can work with you on the concept of your video, offer suggestions and insight into the development of your story and get the most value out of your budget. Don’t lose the message of your story in a poorly filmed video – Go Pro, and by that, I mean go with the professionals!

Adding excitement to a corporate video can be intimidating. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps in your move toward something new. Consult with the professionals at The Donna Santos Studio to find out how we can help you tell your story in a compelling, exciting way.