How To Have A LinkedIn Banner Photo That Catches Attention

linkedin banner

A LinkedIn banner photo is one prime brand awareness real estate that often becomes an afterthought. Much like how we place importance to your professional business headshots and work experience, maximize your LinkedIn banner photo too! It’s a goldmine of opportunity to create a positive first impression. 

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Your very own billboard – LinkedIn’s wide ‘cover photo’ or ‘banner image’ is a significant space in your profile that attracts attention. It’s hard to miss being at the very top. Consider it the cheapest billboard around because it’s free.
  2. You can put anything – There’s no limit. Put a photo, graphics, or an artwork — anything that reinforces who you are. Your audience gets visual communication about you without reading your bio.
  3. You can change it – There’s no limit as to when you want to change your LinkedIn banner. Different banner photos mean it can go with any business campaigns you may have. Change it by season, by topic, or according to your promotional campaign calendar. The sky is the limit.

Here are some samples of LinkedIn banners we’ve created for the studio:

LinkedIn Banner Photo

Donna Santos Studio – I created this banner to communicate that behind my company name (though it implies one person), is a team. Not a solo operation. The clients can expect we can handle any projects of any size and scale because we are composed of professionals of various specialty and talent.

Check out how I created this LinkedIn Banner Photo in this blog post: Multi-Functional Image

Michael Stinson LinkedIn Banner Photo

Michael Stinson – For this client, their location is one of their most significant selling points. He’s also a big fan of Toronto and has always supported his local community, Yonge and St. Clair. We’ve created this hero shot that he used on LinkedIn AND his website and upcoming Christmas card.

Before you start changing your LinkedIn banner photo, take note of these technical requirements for the photo that you can place for maximum display.

Image Specifications for Your LinkedIn Pages and Career Pages
Page Logo Image 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels
Page Cover Image 1192 (w) x 220 (h) pixels 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels
Life Main Image 1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels 1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels
Life Custom Modules 502 (w) x 282 (h) pixels 502 (w) x 282 (h) pixels
Life Company Photos 264 (w) x 176 (h) pixels 900 (w) x 600 (h) pixels


If you want to have your very own hero shots for your LinkedIn banner, GET IN TOUCH, today 

Don’t let the opportunity to use a free billboard pass you by!