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Product Photography 101 for Marketing Directors

Planning for a product photography shoot may seem fairly obvious: Select the objects to be photographed. Hire a professional photographer to take the photos. Use in ad campaigns. It seems rather straightforward and easy.

As a result, because it ‘seems’ so easy, … Read More

4 Tips to Product Photography Success

One of our clients, Ebby Rane, a producer of high-end luxury luggage, is an excellent example of a well-executed product photography strategy.

An important element of Ebby Rane’s successful photo shoot was the preparation and planning that went into the … Read More

5 Things to do Before Hiring a Corporate Photographer for Your Business Photo Shoot

Carefully constructed images can compel people to act, engage the audience in communication, create memorable connections and increase sales.  The evidence has you convinced: you need new images for your marketing and advertising efforts.  Maybe you’ve been using stock … Read More