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Plan For Success With Your Photoshoot Consultation

| Donna Santos

A photoshoot consultation is the most essential part when working with a photographer. If you envision excellent results, a little time spent preparing will pay off! This session gives your photographer a chance to get to know you and … Read More

How to Choose the Best Headshot for Your LinkedIn Profile

| Donna Santos

Picking the best headshot in setting up a stronger LinkedIn profile, is no easy task. After all, in this digital era, your photo should be the new “make eye contact and have a strong handshake.” So how do you … Read More

How To Have A LinkedIn Banner Photo That Catches Attention

| Donna Santos

A LinkedIn banner photo is one prime brand awareness real estate that often becomes an afterthought. Much like how we place importance to your professional business headshots and work experience, maximize your LinkedIn banner photo too! It’s a goldmine … Read More