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The Complete Image List: How To Make Your Online Course Look Great!

| Donna Santos

Do you have a favourite online course? With the prolific boom of online courses, everyone is considering selling a course. But first, why join the bandwagon? An online course is a great way to solidify credibility and show your … Read More

After The Photoshoot Process You Should Know About

| Donna Santos

After the photo shoot, what happens next? Start with a pat on the back! You’ve just accomplished something for your business. You might be asking, what happens next? After you walk out that door, what exactly happens to take … Read More

How To Look Older The Right Way In Your Linkedin Photo

| Donna Santos

Your LinkedIn photo shouldn’t make you look old, should it? Because who wants to look old? Almost nobody. Yet in business, looking older than your age has a distinct advantage. You can even use it as a strategy. But … Read More