How to Get Your Best Corporate Team Photo


Scheduling your corporate team photo shoot

By now you’re convinced of the need for professional corporate photography for use in your marketing efforts and corporate publications. You’ve taken corporate head shots and scheduled photo shoots for your “boring” products. Is it worth hiring a photographer for your corporate team photo? Aren’t team shots supposed to be fun, casual and full of emotion?

Team shots can convey the corporate message you want others to see.

Why do you need a team photo?

1. To showcase the values of your company

Many companies outsource their services or are spread across various locations. By taking corporate team shots, you convey to your audience despite geographical distances, your people are operating as a team. It is a compelling way to communicate the team spirit of your company.


2. To highlight the culture and climate of your company

You may want to capture the unique features of your company that add to your corporate message. Profiling the relaxed, open workspace, spotlighting the happy, engaged employees who run the day-to- day operations or showing the diversity of your workforce are all excellent reasons to rally the team and have professional photographs taken.When the right audience sees the photo, a connection will spark interest. 

3. To convey the size and scope of your company

Is your company able to handle large accounts due to an expansive workforce? Do you pride yourself on the boutique feel of your small firm? Engaging corporate photographs will help you spotlight aspects of your company without using words.


How to prepare for a corporate team photo

1.Determine the size of your group.

Will you be taking shots of specific departments? Do you want to include the entire company? Establish how many people are to be included in the team shot before you schedule the photoshoot and make sure to schedule the shot during a time when everyone is available.

2. Determine where your shot will take place.

Do you have a large, industrial warehouse? Is there an outdoor location that would be appropriate for your group? Are you trying to show an insider’s view of how the company works? Develop a list of potential shot locations to discuss with your corporate photographer when planning the shoot.

3. Determine the purpose of the shoot.

Will the photos be used for in-house corporate documents? Are they to be used for marketing? Would it be appropriate to use them on the company website or in the annual report? Have a clear purpose in mind to ensure that the images meet the need of their intended use.

4. What information does the team need?

Before the scheduled photo shoot, inform the people who will be in the photo of the date, time and location. Notify them of the theme of the shot and any dress code requirements you may have. Do you want to capture a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Should everyone be in their work uniform? Do you prefer jeans and casual shirts? Be specific about your expectations.

Keeping everyone informed of the reason behind the photo shoot helps things run smoothly and eliminates and confusion or misunderstandings later. Making sure everyone in the team is on board and will gladly participate in the photo shoot.  

Beyond the scope and details of your corporate team photo shoot, team shots are a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the way a company interacts with itself. By capturing the people and moments that truly make up the company, it communicates to others the true spirit of the organization. It showcases the pride the company has in its employees, and similarly reflects the sense of ownership and investment that employees have in the company.

When you’re ready to share your company’s story with the world, contact the Donna Santos Studio Photo + Video to schedule your corporate team photo shoot. We’ll put everyone at ease and get you a professional and likeable corporate team photo.