Headshots are done. Now it’s official.

Marisa joins the team

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My brand new headshot

Hello, my name is Marisa and as you can probably tell by my new headshot, I’m the newest addition to the Donna Santos Studio team. You’ll be seeing a lot of me on this site. As a matter of fact, you can read about me here.

I am the new Accounts and Marketing Manager here at the studio. I will mainly be running our social media accounts, posting on our blog, managing the Studios’ accounts as well as working with Donna on making sure our clients have the best experience possible.

Having professional photographs taken was so much fun! I felt so glamorous getting my make-up done. Our make-up artist Sigi is great. She didn’t make me look like Mimi from Drew Carey even though I kept yelling, “More! More!”

After make-up, I was ready for my close up! Donna had her work cut out for her; I normally photograph like Chandler Bing. If you don’t know what I’m referring to click here. If I were braver I’d post a picture so you could see for yourselves. But you’ll just have to trust me on this.

I was a bit nervous but Donna quickly put me at ease. She didn’t just say, “Smile!” and start shooting. She guiding me through the whole process and we ended up with some great headshots.

Marisa headshots

Here are my headshot proofs

I will now be posting my professional headshots anywhere and everywhere on the internet. If I’ve sparked your urge to get your own headshots done click here and I’ll be in touch.


Since I’m new to the team, I thought it’d be fun to leave you with 5 interesting facts about me, so here they are!

1.Like 10% of the population, I’m left-handed. Oprah, Bowie and Obama are also left handed. Enough said.

2. My name is spelled with only one S because I was named after my grandmother Maria. She thought her name was too old fashioned so she added the letter S creating “Marisa”.

3. On a trip to Costa Rica, after missing a bus (actually the locals beat us onto it) I ended up hitching a ride on a transport truck carrying melons and lived to tell the tale. It actually turned out to be a trip highlight. The truck driver Jose told me and my companion stories and fed us fresh melons. He even pulled over and suggested we take a picture of us driving the truck.

4. I’m really good at writing upside down. This talent really only came in handy when I worked at Montana’s for a week.

5. My parents let me name my sister when I was 3 years old. I named her Cinzia after a baby in an Italian soap opera. Surprisingly Cinzia is not upset about it. More surprisingly, I don’t even call her Cinzia.