Interior photography – Is your office camera ready?

It’s all booked. The photographer and her crew are coming! You are finally going to get interior photography shots of your office done. The ones that will make everyone want to work with or for you. Google will have nothing on you and your office interior shots!

An example of a camera ready boardroom

interior photography – office boardroom

Start with the easy stuff

  • Put away any binders, notebooks and loose papers. Especially anything confidential. You don’t want to leave your office trade secrets out in plain sight. Since you want to portray a cool and orderly office, put it all somewhere where it can’t be seen; a drawer, closet or shredder.
  • Same thing goes for personal items and family photos. You don’t want that picture of Jessica in Marketing’s baby to be forever on your company’s webpage. Or maybe you do…
  • Give a heads up to the cleaning staff if you can. That will insure no dust bunnies creeping into your shot. If you have glass windows in the office make sure that they are clean and streak free.
  • Tuck away any cables behind the phone or computer so they won’t be too visible on camera. Also replace any busted light bulbs or broken furniture.
interior photography - office cubicle

Clutter free cubicle ready for the camera!

Once everything is cleared away it’s time to redecorate! Putting fresh flowers around the office is a great idea as they bring a bright clean feel to your photos. Have your logo on any TV screens or any computer monitors. Also consider putting out some binders, pens or mugs that have your logo on it so the photo will feature your brand.

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