How to think outside the box with concept portrait photography

Corporate portrait photography or headshots are a must have when it comes to owning your business and presenting it well, but have you ever thought to incorporate concept headshots instead?  A concept portrait is a great alternative to the corporate headshot because it allows you to still showcase who you are in a professional way, yet do so with your personality while adhering to your brand.

Remember to know your audience. If you work in media or an advertising agency or are in a more creative line of work, a concept portrait if done right can really make your website or business cards come alive. If you work with a web designer you both can come up with something really eye-catching, while also not appearing like you’re trying too hard.

Here are some tips when it comes to concept portrait photography:

1. Tell your story with several frames…

People visit your website over and over again, why not spice things up by adding a series of photos with different layers.  You can do this on the “about page” using more than one photo of yourself.  This will  show you think ‘out of the box’ and that you are creative and courageous enough to put something not so common out there for a corporate setting, while still maintaining professionalism.  By working with a graphic designer and having some help from Photoshop you can create layers as added texture to your concept portraits.  Also by adding layers and dimension to your photos you will be able to stand out and show a creative and technically beautiful piece of artwork that could very well be prominently displayed on your business card.  Experiment with different types of photo combinations such as candid shots, your face with a couple of key props that relate to your brand, or a couple close up shots (example: your eye). If you let your personality guide your concept shot choices the possibilities are endless.

Concept Portrait example featuring multiple happy images of 3 executives

Series to convey experience with that person

2. Going big on concept…

Most people when thinking of a concept for their headshots will immediately go to the competition.  While in theory it’s great to check out what’s out there, if you base your concept on your competition next thing you know they’ll be two of you and you are no longer unique in the industry.  A better idea instead would be to go the distance and work with creative professionals like a professional photographer, web designer, and graphic designer to develop a “go big” concept.  Two heads are better than one in this instance and with a big concept you’ll be able to blow the competition’s socks off while making your concept hard to replicate because it is a statement unique and centered around all things that encompass who you are.

Concept Portrait of musician in foreground with out of focus image of him in the background

Making room for personality to shine that gives an insight on the person’s other interest in life

Concept Portrait of graphic designer in foreground with golf ball and books in the background

Adding a personal flare by using props that relates to the person’s interest

Concept Portrait of make up artist in the foreground with make up brushes used as a prop

Incorporating props that are relevant to your team’s role within the company

3.  Using something different like a funny gif portrait

Why not give the unexpected and make the viewing experience for your audience a memorable one.  The goal of anything you or your brand produces is shareability.  You want them to share it with their work team, friends, and family.  By putting together a series of still photos you can create a very interesting easy to produce funny gifs that will have high impact and tell a story.  Be bold and creative with your photo choices, it doesn’t necessarily need to be just a bunch of photos placed in sequence to music. It can incorporate other elements as well such as live action where you are possibly holding some of these photos.  Or you can use animation around the photos that will be the central focus on the video. You can think of a lot of great concepts when using photos in video.

Concept Portrait example - gif of smiling woman scrolling on her iphone

Something that makes someone smile is an opportunity to connect

These are only a couple tips that you can use when thinking of how to create your concept photos.  The most important take away from all of this information is to be true to you and your brand, find unique and creative ways to showcase who you are, and be sure to consider a multitude of choices when it comes to concepts for your final concept portrait choice.

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