End of Year Corporate Photography: Five Ways to Spend the Budget


As hard as it is to believe, the year is quickly winding down. Stores have already begun to put their holiday decorations out and pumpkins are making their appearance everywhere. The beginning of the year is a perfect time for a website relaunch, starting a new marketing campaign or unveiling new products. While employees are planning their end of the year vacations and holiday parties, marketing directors can take advantage of the final months in the calendar year. To avoid an end of the year rush, plan now.

Consider your image needs for the upcoming year in the following areas:

Website redesign:

Use the beginning of a new calendar year to revamp your website with new images and graphics. Even if you are not redesigning the layout or content of your site, adding new images or replacing key images will give your site a fresh new feel.


Personnel images:

Have you added new directors or other high profile individuals who need to be showcased in your corporate web pages or marketing publications? Are there individual pictures you need to update? Perhaps your leadership team pictures are out of date or don’t include all of the key members of your company. Corporate pictures should be updated every several years. Schedule a corporate photo shoot to address any individual shots that need to be taken.



Has the public persona of your corporation changed? Do your current marketing images reflect the true branding of your company? Replace any outdated, unusable images that do not contribute to the message of your company.


New products:

Will your company be unveiling new products in the beginning of the new year? Plan ahead to schedule product shoots so there is no delay when you are ready to launch. Use the slower months of the end of the year to handle any necessary product shoots.

Use the end of the year as a springboard for the upcoming year. Plan ahead for any image needs, schedule any photo shoots and ensure that the beginning of the year starts off smoothly for all your marketing strategies.

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