Location! Location! Why Location Matters for Your Corporate Photography

In real estate, the mandate, “Location, Location, Location” explains why some properties sell quickly for top dollar, while others languish on the market. The right location can make all the difference.

Corporate photographers would agree – a photo taken in the right location can create a compelling image that tells a powerful story.

If you’re ready to update your corporate photography this year, consider all the reasons that you may want to take your photo shoot on location – right into your workplace.

Add interest

Let’s be honest, after a while, corporate photos can seem kind of, well, boring. An individual or group of people standing in a studio may look nice, but it is just another group shot taken in front of a blank background. Take that group of people and put them on your factory floor, in your courtroom, or another location relevant to your business, and suddenly the photo becomes appealing, human, interesting.

Showcase your work

Using your location as the background for your corporate photos is also a subtle way of letting the viewers see more about what it is you do and where you do it. This glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes’ world of your company can be fascinating for clients, suppliers and potential employees.

Do you own a logistics company? A shot of you standing in front of your fleet is striking and interesting. Are you a farmer? Rows of crops as a backdrop is a visual reminder of what you do.

Do something a little more “invisible”? Perhaps you own an IT company. Photos of your team in front of towers of servers can be more compelling than you may think.

Think about ways to incorporate scenes from your everyday work into the photos you need. Corporate photography need not be boring, bland or formal and can stay well within your brand and company guidelines. A good corporate photographer will shoot compelling photos bringing out your company story and the personality of your team.

Reinforce your brand

Weaving your corporate story into your photos helps your company stand out. It reinforces your company’s brand. Viewers can get a feel for the culture of your company from the story you tell in your photographs. Use location-based photos relevant to your company to ensure your brand message is clear.

Stand out from the crowd

Corporate photography can start to look the same after a while. If you’re looking for ways to infuse energy into your corporate photos while still looking professional, begin thinking about your company:

  • Where do you do the most work?
  • Is there some aspect to your work that clients never see which would be interesting to highlight? For one team, it was their wall of post-its which was a staple of every client brainstorming session.
  • While it could be “just the same office” you go to every day, for those who are new to learning about your company, it is a way to showcase a bit more of your company’s personality.

On-location photos are appealing and interesting and are a way to connect with clients, shareholders, and other associates.

Instinctively, viewers realize that there is something different about your company. In a world full of noise, standing out with your difference can be just the edge you need to succeed.

Do you need compelling corporate photography to tell your company’s story? Let the experts at Donna Santos Studio help. We love finding unique ways to capture the feel of your business and tell your story. Contact us today to see how we can help you.