Why You Want Fabulous Corporate Photography

Fabulous, you say? Too strong?

Here’s my point, your corporate photos are saying a lot about you. You may not even realize it, but long before a potential client picks up the phone to call you or sends an email, your corporate photography has made an impression on them.

The images on your website, on LinkedIn, even your business head shot – these are all telling a story about you. Instead of using traditional images common for your industry or what you’ve always done, consider going for an edgier approach.

By that I mean one that shows a little more personality about who your firm is and what you do. Feeling uncertain about stepping outside the traditional box with a creative approach to corporate photography? Let us provide you with some inspiration to leave “traditional” behind.

Your image

I know you know the basics of marketing your business. You know who your target audience is, you’re clear with your message, you’ve spent time and care creating your brand. Corporate photography is an effective way to sum all that work up visually.

Typical corporate photos don’t convey much emotion from the viewer. They don’t allow a lot of personality to shine through.

I want you to think of your corporate photos as a way to relay “that thing” about your business that the printed word can’t do as quickly. Photos and images become personal to the viewer, they reflect what the viewer wants to see. And because of this, you want to quickly connect emotionally.

You want the viewer to aspire to be working with you, for you, have you as a client, be a client. This type of emotional connection comes when you let you and your company’s personality shine through the photos. This is when you get that connection…it is the magic I refer to as “a business crush”. 

More you

Need an example? Let’s pretend that you have your own CPA firm. You’re updating your website and need some new head shots for the team page. Traditional accountant head shots are typically done in a tasteful, reserved manner, with the individuals in business attire looking pleasant in a conservative setting.

However, the client base you are going after is a high-performing, tech-savvy entrepreneur who is a driving force behind the latest inventions. To appeal to this client-base, a serious photo of you in a formal business suit will likely not appeal to this crowd. You’ll need to rethink how to convey your appeal to this client base via photos. Use images that tell a story for maximum impact.

Show what you do

Include photos that demonstrate to your customers what your business involves, but with a twist.

Are you a real estate developer? Typically, you would assume it would be a good idea to have a photo of the city skyline – but everyone else has done this… a million times!

Why not include yourself in the skyline? Other ideas…if your city is near a major body of water, you could have an action shot where you are in a kayak with the city skyline in the background. Let’s get in the adventurous! Rent a helicopter and get a shot of your city from the air.

Imagine you sell farming equipment. Typically you would think of using a barn as the backdrop for your new corporate images complete with a friendly horse – good idea but let’s include more personality. Get action shot of the equipment being used by your clients in their day to day farming. Feature real people doing real work.

Think of your corporate photography as another opportunity for making a lasting impression about what it is you do and what physical environment you and your team work in. What message do your potential customers need to see?

Lets others inspire you

Still unsure about making the switch from traditional photos to an edgier look? Consult with a corporate photographer for ideas on how your corporate photos can help support your company’s brand. You’ll be able to see their portfolio and look at what others have done. An experienced photographer will be able to give you suggestions and ideas that will not only make your photos look great, they’ll help tell your and your company’s story in a clear, meaningful, original way.

Are you ready to take your corporate photos to the edge? Contact the Donna Santos Studio corporate photographers today!