Cinemagraphs Bring Your Photos to Life


Cinemagraphs are worth your attention. Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, this new visual will be stopping your audience in their tracks.

Cinemagraphs are hybrid images built from photo, video and gif visuals. They are then creatively spliced together to form a surreal animation. Although cinemagraphs have been around for a few years, it has only been in recent months that widespread usage has started to take off.

Predominantly used for advertising and promoting within in the fashion industry, B2C businesses have begun to use the technology as part of their visual marketing strategy. The Donna Santos Studio is pleased to offer their B2B clients an opportunity to capitalize on this new visual opportunity.

Not sure what a cinemagraph is? Scroll down for more cinemagraph projects we’ve done recently.

Why use cinemagraphs?

They stop your fingers in their tracks. Social media is filled with images and videos, and it’s easy to scroll past ads without a second glance. Cinemagraphs are eye-catching, attention- grabbing visuals that make your audience do a second or even a third glance. The element of surprise will cause your viewers to stop and study the image, buying you valuable viewing time and increasing the likelihood that the viewer will spend more time on your content.

Cinemagraps catch attention

Because the image is something new, it sparks the viewer’s attention. Suddenly, the viewer is much more interested in the brand bringing this new technology. The brand gets credit for being on the cutting edge of technology. Almost spontaneously, viewers respond with ‘cool!’ when they’re shown cinemagraph images.

Cinemagraphs appeal to a wide audience

The strange phenomena of cat videos make it clear: people love to share things they find on the internet. When someone sees a cinemagraph, the overwhelming urge to show others the image takes hold. It’s a marketing department dream come true: people are doing your advertising for you. Your brand has suddenly developed a fan base, and they are inadvertently chanting your company’s name every time they share your cinema graph.


Cinemagraphs tell a story

Cinemagraphs isolate movement, surrounding it with a captured moment in time; leaving the viewer to imagine what has happened in the seconds leading up to the image, and what will happen immediately after the image was captured.

Your audience’s brain is engaged, forming their own opinion about what did (or did not) happen. Sparking the viewer’s imagination creates a connection between your brand and the exciting new story the image tells.

They’re the next big thing. Cinemagraphs are here to stay. Corporate marketing departments that want to stay on the cutting edge of advertising need to jump on the bandwagon sooner, rather than later. Establish yourself as a trend setter, and viewers will connect your brand with being relevant and contemporary.


Cinemagraphs are easy to publish

Some forms of media don’t transfer well to social media platforms. Cinemagraphs, however, share easily between websites, social media channels and other digital marketing initiatives. As an added bonus, there is a marketing advantage to being one of the first to use this new medium.

Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing avenues. Cinemagraphs allow B2B to tell their stories while engaging the audience. As this new technique catches on, more businesses will be using the technology to capture audience attention.

The photography professionals at Donna Santos Studio are experts at your story through photos, whether it’s corporate photography, videography or cinemagraphs. When you’re ready to tell your story to the world, contact the professional photographer, Toronto-based Donna Santos Studio Photo + Video.