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Proof You Need to Get Serious About Video

| Donna Santos

Unlike passing advertising fads, using video to convey messages and information is here to stay. Despite the growing popularity of video in every aspect of life, however, many business owners are still reluctant to add videography to their digital … Read More

How Training Develops Exceptional In-house Corporate Photography

| Donna Santos

There’s no denying the reality: corporate photography and videography has changed the face of content creation. Add a relevant photo to the content your company produces and 65% more of the information is retained by the reader.

As companies … Read More

Corporate Website Photography, Deconstructed

| Donna Santos


A professional corporate photographer can capture images that enhance a company’s brand, connect with clients and communicate the company’s vision. But when planning a company website, when should you hire the photographer? Is it at the beginning of your website … Read More

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