Make Your Video Look Professional

Make Your Video Look Professional

How to make your video look professional?  What does professional even mean in the world of video creation? In most instances, when people ask ‘How do you make a video look professional?’ What they are really asking is ‘How do I make my video visually appealing?’.

Apart from the expected answers like:

  • Get professional hair and makeup done
  • Get your wardrobe right
  • Make sure you use a great camera

There are other elements in video production that you should take into consideration to make your next video look good. It may seem very obvious at first but if you watch the video with this blog, you will soon discover that you may not have thought about some of these elements.

Lighting – Tell your story with light

Of course, lighting can make your video look professional. No doubt. But lighting that is not appropriate for the brand is off-brand, therefore unprofessional. Lighting or cinematography is different from illuminating a scene. Lighting can help tell your story in ways that words may never be able to explain.

See how I created different lighting below to show how these two brands should be lit differently, even though they belong to the same industry.

Background – use to enhance the brand

Although most of us are home-bound, we should always pick a background that represents our brand well and enhances our video message rather than distract from it. Background can be a plain wall or a work environment that will help you tell your brand story. If you are a serial video content creator, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics, brand alignment, functionality, and sustainability of use is a new skill to master.

A great example here is the gray background that I use for my videos.


AESTHETICS: Gray is a neutral background and doesn’t throw automatic white balance calibration in most cameras.
BRAND ALIGNMENT: Gray is within my brand colour palette so it’s on-brand.
FUNCTIONALITY: I had this wall painted Gray to cut down in my setup time.
SUSTAINABILITY: Since this Gray wall is a permanent fixture where I live, there’s no excuse not to use it. It is readily available and does not need to be maintained at all.

Gray Wall receives a passing score of 100%.

Color Scheme – used by Pros

Color scheme brings cohesiveness to your entire video. This can play out in your wardrobe that you use in your video or the color of the props that you use. You will often see this in big brands’ commercials where their logo color is strategically placed through the props and wardrobe they use.
Another way to use color scheme is in your color grading, which happens in editing. Grading is used in all the movies that we see. Color grading can be subtle or it can be in your face. The role of colour grading is to create the mood of the entire video.  Why not apply it in your next video? I think it will be a great practice for you to have your custom filters for your own videos so that you can really make them your own.

So for your next video, focus on one of these elements to make your video look professional.

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