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3Bs for saving time and money for video

In this post, I would like to share 3B’s to help help you save time and money when creating video content for your business.

In my early years, I’ve done video production management and producing for film and television. And that responsibility was all about keeping the schedule tight and a lot of logistics planning plus strategic creativity, all in the name of saving time and money. I did that for more than 10+ years.

So I can boil my skills down to the 3 B’s, which I’m sharing with you on this post. When it’s time to plan out your shoots, have these 3B’s on a post-it note to make sure you are hitting these points when you are creating your budget, production schedule, and call sheet.


Block time in your calendar for video production is always a good practice. If you’re serious about this, a good example of a video activity is scriptwriting. Scriptwriting requires a lot of focus, a lot of creativity, and he needs that time away from distraction so that you can focus and you can be in the flow block this time in your calendar, because you know, if it’s not in your calendar, it’s not going to get done.

It’s good practice so that you can create a routine around this video task so that you can keep creating content on a consistent basis. Here’s a great read about time-blocking.


Block time to save time and money for video


A batch process seems like an assembly line, but sometimes that’s what you have to do if you want to produce a lot of videos. A good example of batch processing is batch shooting. Now that requires a lot of logistics, a lot of planning involved, but eventually, it will save you time and money in video production. The most time-consuming is set up. A five minutes shoot could take about an hour and a half of setup time. So when I’m creating my schedule around the shoot for batch processing, I really look at the setup and shoot as many as I can in that setup to save time and eventually money.

Batch processing shoot

Batch process to save time and money for video


Broadcast simply means to me delegating those tasks. One of those skills that you should definitely delegate is editing. I see a lot of business owners trying to get into editing just to save time and money. But what you’re doing is you’re limiting the potential of your video because you’re depending on your entry-level editing skills editing is highly specialized. Let an experienced editor bring that video to life and you will not regret it.

Broadcast duties to save time and money

Broadcast duties to save time and money

These are the ways that our clients get the most ROI. Our packages, our subscription models in production are based on this so that we can pass those savings along to our clients. If you’re curious, go onto our REMOTE DIRECTOR website and see how we translate the triple B in our offering there blocking time batch processing and broadcasting those duties.

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